True Partners

Building Relationships

Achieving Your Objectives

Funding, Regulatory, Policy, Advocacy Experts


We are passionate about serving our clients and helping them achieve their objectives. Here’s how we do it:

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We have a significant track record of securing funding, obtaining regulatory relief and policy wins for our clients.

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We are your true partners. We are your staff inside and outside of the Washington beltway.

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Our clients say as much about us as we can say about ourselves. They reflect who we are — our vision and our values.

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Our exclusive fee structure offers four levels of service to provide you with maximum flexibility while achieving your goals.

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We conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards and we value respect, honesty and hard work.

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About Us

Keller Partners & Company (KPC) is a full-service government relations and strategic development firm located just blocks from the White House in Washington, D.C. As true partners, we specialize in achieving the objectives of our nonprofit, public and private sector clients by fostering lasting relationships within the federal government, state governments and the private sector.

We identify, prioritize and pursue solutions to our clients’ most pressing needs. No objective is too big or too small. We regularly meet our clients’ expectations of delivering a substantial return on their investment. Indeed, our demonstrated track record of success is how we have built our business over the past 20 years.

While the work we do can be an expensive endeavor, our exclusive “levels of service” fee structure enables organizations, large and small, to utilize our services based on their budgets, needs, and partnerships forged to accomplish similar goals. We are cost conscious because we work on behalf of nonprofits, public entities and small businesses. Our clients include hospitals, universities, municipalities, associations, social service and faith-based organizations, international NGOs, and businesses of all sizes, which utilize Keller Partners to achieve their goals in the following areas:

Our bi-partisan team is comprised of seasoned professionals who have served in senior positions within the Executive Branch, the Congress, and the private sector. Each member of our team has years of experience in exceptional client service with impressive track records of results.

Keller Partners & Company is guided by our firm’s ethos of conducting ourselves ethically, being honest brokers, and valuing every client as a true partner. We’ve earned the trust of the decision-makers. We will earn your trust while accomplishing your objectives. This is our reputation. It is our calling card.

We work with Integrity, as true partners, to achieve meaningful results.