How We Serve You


There are two well-known adages in the political world: “All politics is local” and, “If you’re not at the table, you’ll be on the menu!” These are as true today as they ever were.

The new political landscape that has emerged in Washington has created heartburn for some and great opportunities for others. Budgets, funding and programs are being fundamentally reconsidered and reorganized, regulations are being modified or eliminated, new policies are being crafted and implemented, and state governments are preparing for more block grants, all of which will impact nonprofits and businesses, one way or the other.

Keller Partners & Company (KPC) will help you leverage your organization’s local strength so that you are guaranteed a seat at the table instead of being an unexpected addition to the menu.

We will guide you through the complex processes to achieve the results you expect. Whether you need funding from Washington, from your state or from a foundation, or if you need regulatory assistance, legislative action, relationship development and marketing of your organization or product, we will provide you the best team and the best strategies to properly position you and your organization to outperform the competition.

Once we formalize our partnership, we will work with your team in a transparent manner to design and implement a road map with timelines, benchmarks and strategies for achieving your goals. We utilize a three-pronged approach in developing our road map:

1) Understand your needs, your goals and any complicating nuances;
2) Develop and agree on a compelling plan of action; and,
3) Implement the plan as partners, deploying our many resources.

Integral to the ultimate success of our strategies is the leveraging of meaningful partnerships and relationships at the federal and state level, and in the private sector.

If you’d rather be at the table, instead of on the menu, contact us!