Private Sector / Foundations

Keller Partners & Company (KPC) is experienced in working to achieve our clients’ objectives with foundations and the private sector nationwide. Our tailored services will include the following:

Pursuing Grants

Private foundations that are both local and national in scope regularly provide significant grant funding to worthy entities that match a foundation’s mission and strategic plan. Some foundations even provide low interest loans that can range in the millions of dollars. However, getting your foot in the door, and being “invited” to apply, is often the most challenging element to pursuing foundation support.

Keller Partners has a demonstrable track record of winning funding from foundations and the private sector. Have you pursued the right foundations that match your objectives?

Marketing Your Organization to Foundations

Marketing your organization to foundations usually goes hand-in-hand with building genuine relationships with foundation trustees or board members, and grant administrators. This requires a strategic approach, but also a demonstration of your organization’s respect of, and commitment to, the vision and mission of a targeted foundation.

Keller Partners helps your organization match its programs and projects with the vision and mission of foundations and other private sector supporters. These funders want to support your efforts if your needs are properly aligned with their funding aims.

Building Genuine and Valuable Relationships

Relationships matter as much in the private sector as they do in the public sector. Keller Partners helps you identify and foster fruitful relationships that are mutually beneficial to both your organization and private sector funders. We utilize natural, time-tested techniques that produce meaningful and lasting relationships.

Are you properly identifying and fostering the right relationships?

Keller Partners will help you match your organization’s needs with the missions of potential private sector and foundation supporters.